Sports Force

What is Sport Force?

Sports force is our leadership programme, offered to primary schools, aimed to give young people the tools, knowledge and confidence to become excellent leaders and great role models within their own school. Two opportunities can be combined to help deliver this programme.

Sports Force Ambassador’s Academy

A full day of practical training where four young people per school have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills that can be taken back to their schools, to be put into practice in a variety of settings such as intra school competitions, lunchtime activities and after school clubs. The training will also include sport specific sessions in Dodgeball and Sportshall Athletics officiating and recording of results. These four ambassadors aim to be ‘the leaders of leaders’ and can also assist the delivery of the Sports Force training when staff deliver this programme in your schools.

Sports Force Training

This training is for up to 20 young people in your school, preferably from Year 5/6, but can be adapted for younger children in the school.

What will the outcomes be?

Once the training has been completed, you will have a trained cohort of leaders with the resources and the knowledge to deliver clubs within school/or on the playground to other children, with the overall outcome to increase general physical activity levels amongst more young people in your school.

What will the school need to do?

  • Using the details, below book a Sports Force day for your school.
  • Select up to 20 young people who show outstanding leadership qualities within the whole school.
  • Organise an indoor space for the training and inform appropriate members of staff.
  • Following the training day, any member of staff, for example, teachers/lunchtime supervisors can observe the children delivering the games, and then sign off the children’s cards.
  • Once all the children have completed the bronze award, the subject leader can then book a second training day, when the children can begin their silver awards.

For further information about the Sports Force programme, please contact Dan Moore on 07927 551347 or email