Skipping is an excellent form of physical activity which can be done anywhere and has numerous health benefits such as:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Co-ordination and timing
  • Improved reaction time
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Flexibility

The Skip4Life programme started with the aim of inspiring and motivating children to use skipping on a day to day basis to help achieve their daily ’60 active minutes’. All Skip4life sessions are delivered by our enthusiastic Physical Activity and Health Coaches.

The skip4life programme now has 3 possible challenges available to schools. Each programme is different and it aims to promote physical activity and the health benefits related around this, but it also increases confidence and self-esteem. All the workshops are carried out over two days and on the day 2 we aim to see an improvement from day 1.

THE TWO MINUTE CHALLENGE: Is used with single ropes and the idea is to skip as many times as possible in those two minutes. The ‘2 minute Skip4Life challenge’ is attempted on both coaching dates in the school. Children aim to achieve as many turns of the rope (skips) as possible in the allotted time of 2 minutes. The counter skipping ropes count the number of skips and the number displayed after the challenge is recorded. The ethos is that it is not about who is the best skipper in the group, it is looking for the most improved between the two school visits.

THE LONG ROPE CHALLENGE: This is a class challenge and the idea is to get as many of the class through the rope in a limited time period. This challenge includes all the class working together as a team and aims to increase teamwork.

SKIP 2 THE BEAT CHALLENGE: This challenge is used with single ropes and the children have to skip to a music playlist and the idea is to get as close to the beat as they can. This challenge helps with the children’s timing and increases motivation levels.

The programme has received lots of positive feedback even being noted by Ofsted as a great way to involve everyone in Physical Activity.

For further information about the Skip4Life programme, please contact Dan Moore on 07927 551347 or email