Let’s Get Healthy

Let’s Get Healthy is our new healthy schools initiative which aims to support a small selection of schools to bring about measurable, high impact changes. Each school will have a Health Improvement Co-ordinator who will work in the school one day a week over the academic year, to instill a healthy culture through intensive and focussed areas of work. Let’s Get Healthy will look to encourage engagement from pupils, parents, school staff and the local community to empower and inspire positive and sustainable changes.

Before the programme starts, a review day will be completed in collaboration with the school. This day will also allow the Health Improvement Co-ordinator to meet school staff and gain key data and an understanding of the school day, ethos and environment, identifying the areas of greatest need.

Using this key information the Health Improvement Co-ordinator will then write, co-ordinate and deliver a bespoke action plan. This package of work will enable schools to work towards key priorities within the Childhood Obesity Plan and create targeted opportunities for those who need it most.

For further information about the Let’s Get Healthy programme, please contact Sophie Bartup on 07702 275246 or email