It's Catching

It’s Catching is a physical activity programme delivered across primary schools In North Lincolnshire. The main aim of It's Catching is to practice and develop the catching and hand eye coordination ability in all young people aged 4-11 years old which will help them in everyday life. The programme consists of two coaching days (4-6 weeks apart) for children from reception to year 6.

Who is it for?

All children in KS1 and KS2 can participate in this programme.

What will the outcomes be?

  • The It’s Catching programme is all around personal best and improvement. We will be able to provide the schools with overall numbers of children who have improved.
  • Throwing and catching are fundamental skills to many sports, this will give your pupils the opportunity to develop these, as well as providing ideas for games that will make the children more active.
  • The It’s Catching programme will provide a progressive pathway of catching skills, giving children a focus whilst being great fun.
  • Each child will receive their own tennis ball and games booklet to take home at the end of the first visit.

What will the school need to do?

  • The subject leader will need to book an It’s Catching day by using the contact details below.
  • When booking, we’ll need to know how many classes will be taking part.
  • We will send through a timetable that will need to be completed and shared within school, so we can work with as many children as possible.
  • Provide children with the opportunity to practice their catching skills.

For further information about the It's Catching programme, please contact Dan Moore on 07927 551347 or email