A Healthy Me

What is a Healthy Me?

A Healthy Me focuses on food labelling and aims to teach children how to read, interpret and apply the information provided on food and drink packaging in order to make healthy informed choices.

A Physical Activity Lead Officer will visit the school for two full days to show the children labels in an interactive way.

Children are set an individual and class challenge to collect as many ‘healthy’ food labels as they can in a 4-6 week period; this will encourage children to go home and teach family members and friends how to read food labels to ensure they collect as many labels as they can.

Who’s it for?

Both KS1 & KS2 classes are able to participate in this programme.

What will the outcomes be?

The outcome of the programme is to inform young people about what foods are ‘healthy’, and to encourage them to make the best decisions they can in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

What will the school need to do?

  • Schools will need to contact us to organise two full days when we can visit the school.
  • Schools will need to plan a timetable so we can work with every class during the day.
  • Each school is provided with a food label bin to collect labels, we would welcome staff involvement in encouraging children to collect the labels, in between our visits.

For further information about the A Healthy Me programme, please contact Dan Moore on 07927 551347 or email