Healthy Heroes

What are Healthy Heroes’ clubs?

Healthy Heroes’ clubs are targeted clubs aimed at encouraging children to be more active whilst promoting key nutritional messages.

Who will be running the clubs?

The clubs will be run by a member of your schools staff on your schools site. Our School Sports Activators will be available to contact in order to support with their aspects relating to the delivery.

What will your school get?

Schools can choose two options should they wish to start a Healthy Heroes’ club within their school.

Option 1: Schools will receive logbooks for every child taking part as well as a delivers book, lesson plans and resources for the individual delivering the club.

Option 2: Schools will receive logbooks for every child taking part as well as a delivers book, lesson plans and resources for the individual delivering the club. The member of staff delivering the course will also be invited to attend a practical CPD workshop to help them deliver the course and every child children taking part will also receive a Healthy Heroes’ goody bag to support them.

Which children are we targeting?

Healthy Heroes’ clubs aim to target children that may be showing signs of a lack of engagement with mainstream physical education. The club aims to change their perception of physical activity and encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

It is very much dependent on the individual school to decide which children they wish to target. Below are a few examples of groups of children that may find it useful to attend a Healthy Heroes’ club.

  • Children above a healthy weight
  • Grade 1 listed SEN PE children
  • Children with behaviour issues
  • Vulnerable groups of children
  • Children in receipt of free school meals
  • Children that do not participate in any existing school sport clubs
  • Children that do not participate in any sports clubs outside of school time

How many children can take part in the club?

We recommend the ideal size of the club consists of between 15-20 children.

Recruiting the targeted children

Ideally clubs should run within the school day in order to create the consistency in terms of children attending. The type of children the club is targeting may not be supported in attending an after school club by their parents/guardians therefore creating a lack of consistency in attendance. However, this is very much up to the school to decide, based on their priorities.

Out of school events

In order to act as motivation for the children taking part in the clubs there are two events planned in which schools can bring the children within their club to. Some of these children will have never experienced leaving their school to attend a sporting event therefore these will serve as ideal motivation for the children. The events are listed below:

Healthy Heroes’ Introduction Day
A non-competitive event with children rotating around different skill stations introducing them to some of the games they may be taking part in during their time in their club

For further information about the Healthy Heroes’ programme, please contact Dan Moore on 07927 551347 or email