Schools taking part:
Althorpe & Keadby Primary School
Crowle Primary Academy
Gunness & Burringham C of E Primary School
Luddington & Garthorpe Primary School

On a bright, dry, sunny autumn afternoon four schools brought runners to compete in the Axholme Cluster KS2 Cross Country . Four races were planned around the perimeter of Althorpe & Keadby Primary School Field. Supported by the Get Ahead Partnership, staff from Althorpe & Keadby Primary School marshalled, coordinated the finishing funnel, presented medals and encouraged all the runners to complete the course. The Year 3/4 course for both boys and girls was approx. 1250m in length, with the Year 5/6 girls and boys approx. 1500m. Well done to all runners who represented their schools and the staff for organising their teams and supporting the event. Below is a summary of some of the achievements of over 150 runners. Year 3/4 Girls Race had 41 runners; Year 3/4 Boys Race had 37 runners; Year 5/6 Girls Race had 30 runners and Year 5/6 Boys Race had 35 runners complete the course. Team scores were calculated by adding up the position of the first four runners from a school to finish. If school had less than four runners start / finish a race then no team score was given.
To promote and build relationships between the schools, children were allowed access to Bramblebank Wood to explore after all the races had been completed.

Wed Oct 11th at 8:15 AM