About Us

About us

The Get Ahead Partnership is a school based, not for profit service with a close connection to our local primary, secondary and special schools. We provide a vital service in physical activity, health and well-being to give our young people every opportunity to be healthy in both mind and body.

One of the key areas for our schools offer is the development of opportunities in PE and sport for all young people in our area. We offer a wide range of programmes available to schools in North Lincolnshire raising the profile of PE, specifically in relation to teaching and learning.

In addition, our healthy schools initiative ‘Let’s Get Healthy’ aims to support schools to bring about measurable, high impact changes and to assist in the delivery of the UK-wide, Government led, Childhood Obesity Plan.

Further information on all the programmes offered can be found on our programmes page.

Our Mission, Values and Goals

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to adopt fulfilled lives through enjoyable interventions.


  • We believe in the value of inspiring others.
  • We are part of something special, driven through excellence and always delivering above expectation.
  • We are part of a team who strive for success through energy, honesty, trust and passion.


  • We will reduce childhood obesity more than any area of the UK.
  • We will have the most active young people in the UK.
  • We will use physical activity as a tool for change.
  • We will be instantly recognisable.