St. Lawrence Cluster: YR3/4 All Stars

On Friday 22nd April TSLA hosted the Years 3 + 4 All Stars competition. Berkeley junior school, Oasis academy and St. Augustine Webster attended the event, each of them bringing 6 boys and 6 girls each. The events they took part in were; Quoit throw, chest push, team jump, vertical jump, shuttle runs, speed bounce, sprints, high stepper and the relay. The event was thoroughly enjoyable to co-ordinate and organise alongside the leaders we have at our academy. Berkeley Junior school were the eventual winners with 14 points, St. Augustine Webster finished 2nd with 18 points and Oasis academy finished 3rd with 22 points. Thank you to all teams that attended, you were brilliant!

Amazing All Stars here:

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Fri Apr 22nd at 2:15 PM