Sainsbury’s School Games

After the success of the Level 3 Humber School Games 2014, North Lincolnshire School Sport Network is now busy supporting the delivery of the 2014-2015 qualification for North Lincolnshire Schools to progress the Humber Sainsbury’s School Games 2015.
Level 1 School Games are organised by local primary, special and secondary schools as inter form, inter house sporting opportunities. These are organised by school staff, teachers and School Sport Coordinators based at local secondary schools.
Level 2 School Games are events between schools or our North Lincolnshire wide competitions identifying the best teams or individuals from across the area.
Level 3 School Games are the Humber competitions which occur throughout the academic year. At the Humber level there are events for nearly 20 differe different sports, including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Dodge ball through to Swimming, Orienteering and Table Tennis.

Thu Oct 9th at 11:00 AM