Eight primary schools in North Lincolnshire have been selected to take part in a new initiative from the Get Ahead Partnership. Let’s Get Healthy aims to support a small selection of schools to bring about measurable, high impact changes for their pupils, leading the way in encouraging healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and increased physical activity to help reduce childhood obesity in North Lincolnshire.

The Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan highlights that nearly a third of children aged 2 to 15 are overweight or obese. This is 37.1% of 11 year olds in North Lincolnshire alone. The Get Ahead Partnership have introduced this new programme, working with local schools and families, in a bid to reduce childhood obesity in the region, more than any area of the UK.

“This is a fantastic new initiative to support schools in helping them deliver key priorities within the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan” says Helena Palin, Physical Activity and Healthy Weight Coordinator. “Each school selected will be allocated a Health Improvement Coordinator who will work within the school. Their role is to shape a healthy culture for the school, encourage engagement from pupils, parents, school staff and the local community, to bring about positive and sustainable change.”

One of the schools taking part is Althorpe and Keadby Primary School. The Headteacher Sarah Tate said “The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of the utmost importance to us as a school. We have welcomed the Let’s Get Healthy initiative and are ready to do all we can to ensure the future health and happiness of our students. We are looking at making changes to the healthy options at our breakfast club and plan to work with targeted groups of inactive pupils, with the full backing and involvement of pupils, parents and staff.”

The Get Ahead Partnership also developed and deliver the Get Going Programme, commissioned by North Lincolnshire Council Public Health to run locally. Get Going is a free programme for young people in the region who are above a healthy weight, encouraging and guiding them to make lasting lifestyle changes, focusing on physical activity and nutrition through one-to-one sessions and group activities. The programme has been running for five years and has a proven track record of success, acknowledged by Public Health both locally and regionally. For further information, please refer to the programmes section of our website.

Thu Nov 2nd at 9:15 AM