North Lincolnshire’s Get Ahead Partnership has launched its own programme to help support children with emotional wellbeing issues. Get Going Wellbeing works with children aged between 4-16 years old and uses physical activity to help children and young people be healthy both in body and in mind, available to primary and secondary schools in North Lincolnshire.

The Get Ahead Partnership recognised a need for a support service within a school setting and developed the programme in a bid to help reduce the risks of children and adolescents developing mental health problems. The programme focusses on each young person, taking into account individual needs, interests and difficulties and is delivered through one-to-one sessions, targeted small group activities and universal class sessions.

“This much needed programme is a vital tool for schools in ensuring the emotional wellbeing of their pupils” says Natasha Cooke, Physical Activity and Wellbeing Coordinator. “Physical Activity has a wide range of health benefits. As well as improving our physical health, it has numerous positive effects on our mental health and emotional wellbeing including reduced anxiety, happier moods, reduced feelings of stress, increased self esteem and improved concentration.”

“The sessions aim to build resilience in children and young people through building confidence, self-esteem and empowering each individual to discover their strengths. Each school taking part in the programme will be allocated a mentor and role model who will work within the school, offering continued support and guidance.” continues Natasha.

One of the schools already taking part is Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy. Mrs Morrisroe, Headteacher said “Ensuring the emotional wellbeing of our pupils is vital in providing a safe and healthy learning environment. We have welcomed the Get Going Wellbeing programme and are ready to do all we can to ensure the future health and happiness of our students, both mentally and physically.”

The Get Ahead Partnership also develop and deliver other programmes in North Lincolnshire for school aged children including Get Going and Let’s Get Healthy.

Mon Nov 6th at 2:45 PM