KS2 Sports Force Ambassador's News

The Get Ahead Partnership organised the seventh annual Sports Force Primary Ambassador’s Academy training day at the Pods Leisure Centre on Thursday 3rd October 2019. The event was attended by thirteen primary and junior schools from across North Lincolnshire, each bringing four students from Key Stage 2. The event was redesigned to link with the delivery of the Sports Force Leadership Programme available to primary schools.

The Sports Force Ambassadors’ Academy was a practical day where young people had
the opportunity to learn their role as an ambassador and practice leadership skills, to be put into practice in a variety of settings such as lunchtime activities and after school

The event was delivered by School Games Organiser, Get Going Physical Activity & Health Coaches and School Sport Activators from the Get Ahead Partnership. The Sports Force Ambassadors put their new skills into practice by delivering Sports Force Lunchtime Games and All Stars activity sessions to their peers. The emphasis was around setting up equipment safely to deliver to others, interpreting written instructions, rules and guidelines and the accuracy of measuring and recording results.

All Sports Force Ambassadors’ were given the opportunity to plan ideas and activities they would like to assist with in their own schools. This varied between recording results at sports days, organising additional intra school competitions, to helping other students to lead and officiate and ensuring all PE and sports equipment was audited and kept tidy.

Good luck to all the Sports Force Ambassadors’ enjoying their new roles this year.

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Tue Oct 15th at 3:45 PM