The North Lincs Schools KS2 Badminton (Timed) Tournament was held at The Pods, Scunthorpe. Twenty teams from twelve school entered the event and student leaders from North Lindsey College officiated the event. Each team consisted of five players (plus one reserve if necessary). Each match consisted of 5 games of 2 minutes. Player 1 played Player 1 for 2 minutes, with the score then carried forward to Player 2 v Player 2, then Player 3 v Player 3, Player 4 v Player 4, then finishing the match with Player 5 v Player 5. Players were ranked 1-5 and played in this order for every match. The twenty teams were divided into four groups to play the first part of the tournament then playoff, semi finals and finals were organised to decide the final placings. In total 54 matches were played.

Well done to all players, officials and staff for a fantastic, competitive tournament. #determination #teamwork #respect.

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KS2 Badminton Report

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