On Wednesday 16th May 2018, 74 Year 1 pupils from Frodingham Infants took part and competed against each other in a bench ball competition. The event was supported by leaders from Outwood academy from Year 7, who managed, coached, and umpired, as well as completing scoreboards to make the event as successful as possible. The pupils had a fantastic time, showing off their talents of throwing, catching, marking and dodging.

All of the staff & parent helpers were involved in helping the pupils understand the rules and encouraging them to move around the court areas.

In the end we celebrated the many successes of all teams, with certificates going to all pupils. Medals were awarded to the team who achieved the best overall score, and stickers went to second place. Congratulations to all the students on their excellent efforts and their outstanding participation levels during the competition.

Thank you to all the pupils, teachers and student leaders who made this a very successful event.

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Brumby Cluster - Frodingham Infants Y1 Benchball Report

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Wed May 16th at 3:00 PM