On Tuesday morning, six schools contested the Annual Baysgarth Swimming Gala with fantastic performances from every student, who dove right in and gave 100%; proving a real credit to their schools.

As always there has to be a winner with John Harrison and St Peters making the biggest splash sharing first place.

Please see the first place winners from the morning’s finals;

25m Boys Backstroke - Layton from John Harrison 17.50secs
25m Girls Backstroke - Isabella from Bowmandale 18.69secs
25m Boys Breaststroke - Layton from John Harrison 19.93secs
25m Girls Breaststroke - Emma from St. Peters 20.75secs
25m Boys Front Crawl - Miles from John Harrison 17.69secs
25m Girls Front Crawl - Libby from St. Peters 15.19secs
50m Boys Freestyle - Kieran from Castledyke 41.15secs
50m Girls Freestyle - Emma from St. Peters 35.69secs
4x25m Boys Freestyle - John Harrison team 60.19secs
4x25m Girls Freestyle - St. Peters team 69.84secs
4x24 Mixed Medley - John Harrison team 85.47secs
4x50m Freestyle - St. Peters team 164.00sec

To download the full report, please click on the link below

Baysgarth Cluster Swimming Gala Report

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Tue Feb 20th at 10:15 AM