Althorpe & Keadby Primary School
Crowle Primary Academy
Gunness & Burringham C of E Primary School
Luddington & Garthorpe Primary School
St Norbert’s Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy

The KS2 Badminton Festival was hosted at The Axholme Academy, Crowle. PE students from The Axholme Academy confidentially officiated the half court matches throughout an afternoon of competitive games across eight playing areas. The PE students also helped players to understand rules and basic techniques. Five schools each brought eight players to compete. Each player was allocated to one of eight pools (Red Even, Red Odd, Blue Even, Blue Odd, Yellow Even, Yellow Odd, Green Even or Green Odd). Each player completed four matches against players from the other schools. The winner was the first player to reach 11 points.

After 80 matches had been officiated, playoffs were organised to identify the champion / medalists for each colour pool. The games were very competitive and all players throughout the festival demonstrated good racket skills and movement around the reduced half court areas. Congratulations to everyone who represented their school during the festival either as a player or as a leader/official.

Wed Oct 18th at 8:15 AM